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The Blythe Clinic is run by me, Charles Blythe. My own weight issues prompted me to establish the clinic.
I’d been working in London, head down, long hours, poor diet… One day, I took a proper look at myself in the mirror.
I’d developed the `dad bod’, complete with belly fat and love handles. Everything moved when I ran, my clothes didn’t fit and I had pre – hypertension.

Dieting, the gym… and the flabby areas

The weight started to come off after joining the local gym and a serious diet rethink.

But there was a problem:

I was left with flabby areas that no amount of dieting and exercise would shift. At this point, I discovered that cryolipolysis, or fat freezing , is approved by NICE (National Institute for Health & Care Excellence). I tried it. The results were so impressive and long-lasting that I trained and qualified to become a cryolipolysis practitioner

So why choose The Blythe Clinic?

Some fat reduction clinics make you feel as though you’re just a cog in an automated process. At the Blythe Clinic, it’s much more personal. The clinic is part of a private residence so you won’t be left alone in an anonymous reception area filling out a form. Instead, your consultancy will be a proper conversation. You will be made to feel comfortable and welcome.

  1. Cryolipolysis is my specialism, not a side-line or one of a number of treatments
  2. I carry out every consultation, procedure and follow-up myself.
  3. I’ve performed hundreds of procedures
  4. No waiting room – you come straight into the treatment area with appointments spread out for your privacy.
  5. No form filling – I take care of that for you – just a signature is needed.
  6. No sales, just honest advice.

I started the clinic because Cryolipolysis worked for me. Fat freezing is easy and it works.

If you’re interested then do get in touch for a free consultation. We can talk about the procedure and I can give you a good indication of the results you might see based on the similar past clients and the data I have collected.

The Blythe Clinic – The Fat Freezing Clinic

To enquire about a Free Consultation email charles@theblytheclinic.com or call 01273 207672